All about Hubli City

Hubli city also called Huballi by the localities. With the advent of globalization the economy is rapidly growing, having tourism as the main source of income the city has found a permanent place on the India map. Hubli city is popularly known as Chota Mumbai for its heavy trading and commercial activities. It is becoming a metropolis city ranked next to Bangalore in Karnataka.

Hubli-Dharwad together is known as the twin cities with huge population and the area making it a second largest city. Dharwad is the neighboring city within a distance of nearly 20km from Hubli. Just like other parts of India Hubli has a blend of Jains, Marathi, Lingayats, Sikhs, Muslims and other religions living in harmony making the city culturally rich. The important festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm are Ganesh chaturthi, Diwali, Navaratri, Holi, Christmas, Ramzan and more.

Hubli City Tourism


During the olden day’s i.e, centuries before Hubli were called Rayara Hubli. While in the year 1755 it was ruled over by the Marathas which was later conquered by the Mughal emperor Hyder Ali and governed by Nawab of Savanur. It was when the Majidpura was the newly constructed extension. His rule over Hubli didn’t last much as it was re-conquered by the Marathas in the year 1790. After hubli was later ruled by the Peshwas and subsequently was taken over by the British during the rule of King Sangli Patwardhan in the year 1820. The British further played a key role in enhancing the development of Hubli. New Hubli was then developed by the Trader Basappa Shetter.


Hubli was well established as a commercial centre and started to pursue growth mainly due to the cultivation of cotton, chilly and peanuts. The headquarters of the South Western Railway Zone being placed in Hubli and is a major railway junction in Karnataka. Hubli lies on the Golden Quadrilateral which all enhances the trade and business also making it a commercial hub. The development of airport too has helped in the economic development of Hubli. It is slowly grabbing attention internationally leading to MNCs setup their companies here hence increasing the job opportunities and uplifting the economy.

Hubli City Weather

The Weather of Hubli is tropical wet and dry. During the summer the days are hot starting from the end of February to June. During the monsoons the weather is humid with moderate temperature while amount of precipitation is lot. The climate is moderate from the month of June to February.


The population of Hubli as per the 2011 census is 1,349,563. There has been a rise of nearly 21.2% in the population from the year 1991 to 2001. Kannada is most extensively used language among people in Hubli.

Transport Services in Hubli

By Air

Hubli Airport

The Hubli airport is one of the most operational airports in north Karnataka. It has connections with all major cities which include Mumbai and Bangalore. The Hubli airport has a good infrastructure with spacious and well managed parking, terminal building having a capacity of nearly 150 people and with all necessary amenities. The flight schedules are convenient for passengers even within short notice.

By Rail

Hubli Railway Station

Hubli Railway is a major junction in Karnataka. There are plenty number of trains available to travel from Hubli to Bangalore, Mumbai, and across various places all over India. The Railway station has all basic necessities and facilities with food stalls, book stalls, facilities for accommodation and comfortable waiting and luggage rooms.

By Road

Hubli is well connected to other cities of India such as Bangalore, Bombay, Chennai, Pune, Goa, Delhi and other metro cities of the country via National highway 4, NH 63, and 218, there are plenty of inter -city buses taking you to different parts of the state. NWKRTC is one of the best road transportation services.

Cuisines of Hubli

Jolad rotti, shenga chutney, brinjal, holige are some of the delicious cuisines attracting foodies.

Places of Attractions

People from around the country and even abroad visit Hubli for some of the striking tourist destinations such as Siddharoodh Math, Nrupatunga Betta, Unkal Lake, Gangubai Hangal Music house, UB hills, Sadhankeri, Kelgeri lake in Dharwad besides these places even Iskon temple, Gayatri Tapobhoomi near Tadas, Rock gardens, Naveeltirth etc.

Hubli Map